Drones that go in the air to offer an overview of the extent of a flood. Wearables that locate and monitor the status of fire responders. Updated and actionable satellite information to better assess how a fire, a flood or heavy rains may evolve. These are some of the technologies we showed at our final meeting in Venice last week. We wanted this event to be an opportunity to get together European Civil Protection agencies and emergency management experts from around Europe.

Civil Protection volunteers from Protezione Civile Venezia

In this two-days meeting, the attendees were be able to test our tools first-hand, through a series of in-field simulations and flood and wildfire scenarios. We also organised a panel around citizen engagement, to discuss how to better form and communicate with citizens, to form more resilient societies. All in all, as Dr. Fabrizio Dominici, our coordinator explained: “This event represents an excellent opportunity to show the results of more than three years of hard work and close collaboration between 20 European partners. And now all the technologies are now available for Civil Protection Agencies, emergency managers and insurance companies.”
This last meeting has served as a turning point, marking the end of the research and implementation phase, funded by the European Commission, and inaugurating the breakthrough of our technologies into the market.