On October 2017, the highway no. 1 between Turku and Helsinki was flooded. Only two of its four lanes were functioning. This incident, that may seem unimportant, resulted in more than 14 million Euros spent only in repairing the highway. The total costs, however, remain unknown: more than 55000 people use that highway on a daily basis, and a lot of the users suffered delays, losing flight and train connections.

This is the scenario in which we worked on our last demonstration in Helsinki this past week. Thanks to the efforts of our partner FMI, we joined with the Finnish Rescue Services, water authorities and other organizations from the Ministry of Interior, to role-play the response to the 2017 flood, and see how our technologies can help in these situations.

One of the attendees to our demo, using our Augmented Reality glasses

By working together with emergency management authorities, we want to learn from past experiences, to respond better to floods and other disasters. If you work in disaster management and would like to take part in one of our incoming demonstrations, drop us a line!

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