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Visual identity

Project infographic

Project workflow infographic

Presentation motion graphics

Video: A collective effort to stop disasters

I-REACT First newsletter

I-REACT Brochure

End-user requirement collection activities

Video: A new app to fight disasters with your phone

Video: European technology against floods shown for the first time

I-REACT second newsletter

I-REACT third newsletter

I-REACT commercial brochure

I-REACT app leaflet

I-REACT final video

I-REACT Brochure – Spanish

I-REACT Brochure – Croatian

I-REACT Brochure for COP22 – Spanish

I-REACT Brochure for COP22 – English

UNESCO’s I-REACT Brochure – Russian

UNESCO’s I-REACT Brochure – French

UNESCO’s I-REACT Brochure – English